Concern gift family bundle

Family Bundle


The perfect bundle for giving a family the chance of a healthier, brighter future!

Our Family Bundle is packed with amazing new gifts! The eco stove is perfect for any family wherever they are. It’s compact, portable and uses far less fuel than a traditional oven. Our new kitchen starter pack provides everything needed to stock a kitchen and make mealtimes easier and healthier. And finally, our school fees gift will mean a family can send their children to get an education – this bundle could transform so many lives!

Violette Bukeyeneza (45) at home with her children Amida Tuyishimire (14 -F), Rashid Niyogushimwa (6 - M), Lievain Irankunda (3 - M), Idrissa Nzoyisaba (8 -M) Ghyslaine Iteriteka (6 -F) – Bukinanyana, Cibitoke, Burundi – September 2018. Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith/2018/Burundi

Gift in action

Violette Bukeyeneza (45) sits at her kitchen table with her family. Thanks to Concern, she has been able to afford household items such as a table, chairs, plates and cutlery. She can also send her children to school with clean uniforms, school books, and stationary. Life is thriving for Violette and her family, thanks to the family bundle. 

This gift goes towards our Livelihoods and Education programme.

You’ll receive three special personalised cards to pass on to your friend or loved one.

What You Get

When you buy this bundle, you’ll receive 3 separate cards to pass on to your friend or loved one. These card will indicate what you have bought for them and you can choose to personalise them by adding a special message. Alternatively, you can choose to send them an e-card directly. 

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In This Bundle

With this bundle you get the following gifts:

Eco Stove

Concern gift Eco Stove

School Fees

Concern gifts school fees
E-Card Only

Family Bundle


Family Bundle