Farm Vet


Watching out for our spotty, fluffy and feathered friends

Every year, animals are our most wished for gifts, so we have something that might interest you animal lovers! Animals need vets and so do poor communities where people depend on animals for their living. You could help support Concern's three-year course which trains a member of the community in how to vaccinate and treat chickens, goats and other livestock. They are also supplied with a medicine box so they can be called upon to help any animal in need.

Joyce Positani received training from Concern Worldwide to become a Community Animal Health Worker. Photo: Jennifer Nolan/Concern Worldwide

Joyce Positani is known by everyone in her community as she is a fully qualified community animal health worker. After three years of training from Concern, she can now give vaccinations and treatments to all the livestock in the community and keep them safe from preventable diseases. This is a gift that benefits everyone! The animals stay happy and healthy, neighbours don't lose their livestock and Joyce has developed a business delivering these treatments. Joyce proudly displays her certificate and says "I am very happy and thank Concern for choosing me and training me".

This gift goes towards our Livelihoods programme.