Thermal Blankets


Keep families warm & dry in an emergency

In the aftermath of an emergency, many families are often left with no home and only a handful of possessions. These high thermal blankets are essential, especially for children and the elderly as they can be used as warm coats, seats or even roofing.

Syrian refugee Sarah sleeps on a mattress at her grandparents' apartment in Akroum, in Akkar, north of Lebanon. Photo: Dalia Khamissy/Concern Worldwide

Baby Sarah sleeps safely thanks to kind people like you. She was born in an informal settlement in Lebanon after her parents had to flee their home in Syria amidst the ongoing conflict. With temperatures dropping, her parents worried about keeping her warm during the cold months. Thankfully, they received winter essentials including thermal blankets to wrap around their baby. They send their thanks.

This gift goes towards our Emergency programme.