How long will it take to receive my gift(s)?

Your postal gift should arrive within 3-5 working days or you can send an e-card for instant delivery. You can also call into our Belfast office during office hours (9am-5pm) to pick up your cards directly.

Alternatively, you can choose to send an e-card which will be emailed directly to the recipient.

How do I send a Concern Gift?

It's easy! Just choose a gift you think your friend or relative would like. For instance, if you know someone who just adores gardening then why not buy them a Kitchen Garden? Just order online or by calling 0800 032 4001 and their gift will help a person who really needs it.

Where does the money go to?

All the money goes into one of our four global programmes - education, livelihoods, health and emergency - unless otherwise stated. 

If I buy a goat, will a family definitely get a goat?

In many cases yes; your money would go into the livelihoods programme and a family could get a goat. However, sometimes a family needs a cow more than they need a goat. In that case, we'd put your money towards providing one of those instead. Whatever you choose, we promise your money will go into the relevant programme.

What will my friends or family get?

If you get a gift for a friend, you can choose to send them either an e-card or a postal card. If you choose to send them an e-card, they will receive an e-mail telling them how to view it. The e-card will be personalised with your own message and there will also be more information about the gift on it. E-cards are great because they're quick to send and cost less money to create, which means more money for someone in need. E-cards can be sent instantly or scheduled to send at a later date. 

If you'd prefer, you can give them a real card instead. We'll post you the blank gift card which you can then personalise with your own greeting and send on to your friend or relative.