20 Clean Water Tablets


Clean water in an emergency

With some 2.1 billion people lacking access to safe water, the need for these powerful purifiers has never been so great. Aquatabs purify dirty water in just 30 minutes, protecting families from potentially lethal waterborne diseases such as typhoid. They are truly life-saving for families without a supply of safe, clean water, especially during an emergency.

Concern Worldwide distributing hygiene kits and aquatabs in Basbalesa Outreach Health Promotion Centre. Photo: Jennifer Nolan / Concern Worldwide.

Kenya is in the grip of extreme drought and Budha Tura has never witnessed anything like it in her 51 years. In search of water, she was faced with the option of a 12-hour walk to the nearest water point or filling up her jerry can from a nearby muddy puddle. Understandably, she chose the latter. Thankfully, she was provided with life-saving Aquatabs which purified the water and helped protect Budha and her family from potentially lethal water-borne diseases.

This gift goes towards our Emergency programme.