Mark another year in love, or help your favourite couple celebrate their special day, with an alternative charity gift from Concern. From a fishing kit for your sole-mate to avocadoes for your avo-half, we have all you need to share the love. 

  1. Choose the perfect gift for your loved ones
  2. We'll send you a card to pass on to them, or e-card for instant delivery
  3. Together, you'll help transform lives all over the world

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Avocado trees

Avocado trees - Concern Gifts


Pig - Alternative Charity Gifts

Butternut squash

Butternut squash - Concern Gifts

Fishing kit

A fishing kit - Concern Gifts

Thermal blankets

Thermal Blankets - Alternative Charity Gifts

Banana plants

Concern gifts - Banana plants

Water pump

Water pump - Alternative charity gifts

Six chickens

Six Chickens - Alternative Charity Gifts

Keep a girl in school

Keep girls in school - Alternative charity gifts