10 Tippy Taps


So simple and yet so amazing

The tippy tap is a simple way to wash your hands that is especially useful for rural areas where there is no running water. It is an ingenious solution that's perfect for children and a great way to prevent sickness. This gift can provide 10 tippy taps, helping to reach 3,000 children, keeping them clean and safe!

Jordan demonstrates how he washes his hands using a tippy tap that his mother built thanks to training from Concern. Photo: Jennifer Nolan/Concern Worldwide

Precious Jordan gives a fantastic demonstration on how the Tippy Taps work. His mother, Monica, was taught how to build one by Concern and says this is one of the best things she has ever learned. Before the Tippy Tap they had no running water and her children got sick very often. You can see from Precious's smile how happy this gift has made them!

This gift goes towards our Health programme.