Village Well


Bring a community to life with fresh water.

This is an incredible gift that can help make a lasting difference for so many people. In many areas of the world, water is scarce and people can be forced to go without it for days or have no choice but to drink from polluted water sources. This gift could help provide an entire community with a reliable, safe and easy to access water point, giving a constant supply of clean drinking water.

A Concern-constructed water point at Boyali in Central African Republic, which is now managed by the local community. Photo: Kieran McConvillle/Concern Worldwide.

The Central African Republic has been ravaged by conflict in the last number of years and essential services ranging from hospitals to water points have been destroyed. Thankfully, Concern has been working on rebuilding conflict-affected villages, such as Cape Kpetene, and has focused on rebuilding wells and providing communities with the clean water they so desperately need.

This gift goes towards our Livelihoods programme.