Change a life with one of our Concern Gifts.

Give life-changing gifts on your friend’s or family’s behalf and together you’ll be transforming the lives of some of the world’s poorest people.

This Mother’s Day give an extraordinary gift for an extraordinary mum!

Price range£0 - £1500


Concern gifts - pig - Mother's Day

School fees

Concern gifts - School Fees - Mother's Day

Home garden

Concern gifts - Home Garden - Mother's Day

10 tippy taps

Concern gifts - Tippy Taps - Mother's Day

School lunches

Concern gifts - School Lunches - Mother's Day

Eco stove

Concern Gifts - Eco Stove - Mother's Day

Thermal blankets

Concern gifts - Thermal Blanket - Mother's Day

Keep a girl in school

Concern Gifts - Keep a Girl in School - Mother's Day