Milk and more!

For a family living in poverty, owning a cow not only means a steady supply of calcium-rich milk and plenty of manure, it's also a valuable asset which can help farmers make more of their land and over time, give them a precious calf too. So it's a way to both feed the family and earn a living. Good moos.

Bangladesh 2016. Photo: Sadia Hossain/Concern Worldwide

Before Monowara Begum joined Concern's livelihoods programme in Bangladesh, hunger and malnutrition plagued the family. Her children couldn't go to school and she had to watch as they became frail and withdrawn. With help from Concern over the course of five years she would pull her family from extreme poverty. She worked hard every day and transformed her family's life. She is now a successful farmer with five cows and is also a brilliant seamstress and an influential leader in her community. "We are living comfortably, and our children are healthy and happy. We can pay for their education and healthcare," she beams proudly.

This gift goes towards our Livelihoods programme.