Dads might not swing from skyscrapers or wear a fancy cape, but what they do is even better.  They protect us and love us unconditionally, and they do it all without superpowers.

So what’s more fitting for a Super Dad this Father’s Day than our very own range of hero gifts and their mission to end extreme poverty, whatever it takes.

  1. Choose the perfect gift for your loved one
  2. We'll send you a card to pass on to them, or e-card for instant delivery
  3. Together, you'll help transform lives all over the world

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Six chickens

Six Chickens - Alternative Charity Gifts


Pig - Alternative Charity Gifts

Avocado trees

Avocado trees - Concern Gifts


Goats - Alternative Charity Gifts


Cow - Alternative Charity Gifts

Banana plants

Concern gifts - Banana plants

Farmyard bundle

Farmyard bundle - Alternative charity gifts


Sheep - Gift illustration

Mini farmyard

Mini farmyard - Alternative charity gifts