Mini Farmyard


Strength in numbers

Every year, super cute piglets and chickens make a huge difference to families living in extreme poverty and now you don’t have to choose between them! You can buy a piglet and six chickens, giving a family in need their first mini farmyard. Combined, these seven helpful companions working together can provide valuable income and security all year round. They are cheap, easy to look after and provide a much-needed variety for the family diet.

Positani Maringa holds one of the chickens his mother, Joyce Positani, has thanks to Concern.  Photo: Jennifer Nolan/Concern Worldwide

Innocent is showcasing this fluffy little chick, one of 21 that he and his mother Joyce received from Concern. Joyce, from Malawi, previously struggled to provide her children with the nutrition they needed. But now, thanks to the gift of a mini farmyard, Joyce has sufficient eggs and income to ensure that her and her family have plenty to eat!

This gift goes towards our Livelihoods programme.